About CareCar

  • What does CareCar do?
    • CareCar is a full service non-emergency medical transportation coordinator and management company. We work with managed care organizations to manage the supplemental transportation benefits of their Medicare Advantage & Medicaid populations. 
  • Can I use CareCar?
    • Currently, we only provide transportation services to members of our health insurance partners. It's easy to find out if we can help you - just call your health insurance member services department and ask if they work with CareCar. If we are partnered with your health insurance provider we can help. If not, let us know, and we will do our best to partner your plan. 

Driving with CareCar

  • Who can drive with CareCar? 
    • We work with local commercial transportation companies and independent care drivers. If you represent a local transportation company please email partners@carecar.co for more info on joining our network. 

      Anybody interested of having an independent and rewarding career in healthcare can drive with CareCar. In order to be eligible you must be able to pass a background check, undergo basic CPR, HIPAA, and patient sensitivity & transfer training, agree to our CareCar Community Guidelines, and drive a 4 door vehicle (2010 or newer). For more information please visit our driver sign up page. 
  • How much will I make? 
    • It's up to you! On average, top performing care drivers earn $28/hr, and no less than a living wage with respect to your service area (as defined by MIT) You are an independent contractor you can work as little or as much as you please. If you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can earn even more! 
  • Do I need a smartphone to drive?
    • Yes. Android and IOS. 
  • Who will I be driving? 
    • You will be driving a variety of individuals, mostly seniors, with different levels of need, to and from their medical and/or health related appointments. We will provide you with the necessary information and support required to provide superior service that goes beyond transport and contributes to the total health of each of your passengers. 
  • Will I need to get a special or commercial license? 
    • No. However, you will need to pass/have a clean driving history and hold a DL in the state you are working. 
  • Will I need a commercial auto insurance policy? 
    • No, your personal auto insurance will work just fine. However, you will need to have additional coverage under your personal policy (it’s often called a ride-share endorsement). Please contact your insurance company for more information on ride-share endorsements.