How CareCar works?





Multi-Mode Transportation

Our network can accommodate the needs of individuals with a variety of needs. Whether members need little-to-no assistance or are completely immobile, CareCar can take care of their transportation needs. 

Realtime Monitoring And Support

The CareCar Platform provides real-time data to coordinators and clients, 24/7, in order to answer any questions and provide any support necessary to ensure members have a best-in-class health experience.

Health Advocacy

Care Alerts notify case managers of any potential issues that might affect a member’s health. Case managers then reach out to, and work with clinical teams to help coordinate interventions or follow ups on behalf of the member.




Utilization & Quality Management

Full transparency into number of trips, types of trips, locations, complaints, and much more - in real-time and summarized in monthly reports. 

Prescriptive Analytics

Machine learning analytics and prescriptions that will grow and improve over time in order to help reduce risk and increase value. 

Health Insights

Provide health insights such as low health literacy, abnormal utilization, or missed critical appointments to case managers, market leaders, clinical teams, and other stakeholders.